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3kg Powder Fire Extinguisher

3kg Powder Fire Extinguisher

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The PowerX 3kg powder fire extinguisher covers most fires, proving to be a popular multi-purpose extinguisher in compact and highly-portable size and has a transport bracket for securing too. With an impressive 13A 89B fire rating and suitable for flammable liquids and gases, as well as general fires, this is ideal for mobile workers, and in small industrial units/workshops. And for peace of mind, it has a 5-year warranty, the BSI Kitemark, and is CE Marked.

Although great for efficiently extinguishing a wide-range of fires, preventing extensive damage and risk to life, powders are messy and can pose a personal risk when used indoors.

Suitable for small kitchens, portable buildings, workshops, small industrial units, boats and places where size and weight of the extinguisher are important.

The updated British Standard 5306-8:2012 Selection and positioning of portable fire extinguishers – Code of Practice states as follows.

"5.4.3 Use of powder extinguishers The discharge of a powder extinguisher within buildings can cause a sudden reduction of visibility and can also impair breathing, which could temporarily jeopardise escape, rescue or other emergency action. For this reason, powder extinguishers should generally not be specified for use indoors, unless mitigated by a health and safety risk assessment."
Types of fire include Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc), B (flammable liquids), C (gas - but never put out a gas fire if the gas cannot then be turned off) and safe around live electrical equipment
Anticipated lifespan with indoor use and proper maintenance - 10 years
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