Servicing with Crest

A fire extinguisher service is required once a year (or more if in a high risk area) and must follow the procedures in British Standard 5306 Part 3 (currently BS 5306-3:2009) along with any manufacturer's instructions.

At, Crest Services, our price includes all service parts (anti-tamper seals, safety pins, safety clips, Chubb OK indicators, labels, o-rings, gauge tests, CO2 swivel horns, CO2 hose and horns for standard UK portable fire extinguishers). A single technician visit charge of £27.97 + vat will be added to each order and you will see it in the 'shopping cart'. So, for example, the cost to service 5 extinguishers will be £9 x 5 + £27.97 = £72.97 + vat.

Please note a £10 + vat (£12 inc vat) surcharge will be added for all London postcodes

Our reputation for quality and customer satisfaction across our more than 80,000 customers is sacrosanct to us so our service includes:

  1. No hidden charges
  2. All service parts
  3. Unique money back guarantee - if you don't like our service, you don't pay
  4. No binding contracts

Extinguishers are known to put out over 80% of fires (with the others requiring the Fire Service) and it is essential that they are in full working order if the times comes to use one.

Extinguisher Refill Costs

Water refill 6 litre and 9 litre£16.77 + vat £20.12 inc vat

Water-additive refill 3 litre to 6 litre £31.47 + vat £37.76 inc vat

Foam refill2 litre to 9 litre £30.44 + vat £36.53 inc vat

Powder refill 1kg to 9kg replace with new

CO2 refill 2kg to 5kg replace with new

Wet chemical refill 2 litre replace with new

Wet chemical refill 3 litre £61.62 + vat £73.94 inc vat

Wet chemical refill 6 litre £82.92 + vat £99.50 inc vat