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2kg Clean Gas Fire Extinguisher

2kg Clean Gas Fire Extinguisher

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A small and convenient size, the 2kg clean gas fire extinguisher leaves absolutely no residue and is completely safe for use on any sensitive electronic equipment. Also known as a clean agent fire extinguisher, this is effective for use on Class B and electrical fires, its ideal for data storage areas, server cupboards, and computer rooms, as well as aviation, telecoms and boating industries. This is because it will cause no additional damage, preventing the loss of data and making repairs easier to achieve.

Just like a CO2, the gas is stored as a liquid under pressure which then turns to gas on discharge to the air, and works by cooling and smothering the fire. This clean agent fire extinguisher is filled with Fluoroketone (FK-5-1-12), an eco-friendly version of the now banned halon extinguishers, using this extinguisher will cause zero ozone depletion. Lightweight, it’s still packed full of extinguishing power and is able to penetrate through even the finest grills and meshes to make it even safer to tackle a fire.

The easy-grip plastic handle with thumb trigger makes this easy for anyone to handle and operate, with a 21B fire rating. The 2kg clean agent fire extinguisher, from Ceasefire, is CE Marked and BS EN 3 approved.

Suitable for all premises with live electrical equipment, computers, servers, machinery, small flammable liquid fires, as well as industries including aviation and telecoms.

Types of fire include Class B (flammable liquids) and fires involving live electrical equipment.

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