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Vigil Two-Storey Fire Escape Ladder – 4.5m

Vigil Two-Storey Fire Escape Ladder – 4.5m

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he Vigil fire escape ladder, with a total length of 4.5 metres (or 14 feet, 7 inches for two-storey windows), quickly hooks around a window sill to allow for easy escape in the event of an emergency. Lightweight and easy to use with a tangle-free design, it’s perfect for most homes so you and your family can safely exit through a first-floor bedroom window. Just hook the ladder over the window sill, and carefully drop the ladder out.

Every Vigil fire escape ladder comes fully assembled. Each tread has an anti-slip design and features stand-offs which keep it away from the wall to give you a good footing and prevent the ladder from moving as you climb down.

Our optional child safety harness allows you to securely carry a toddler of up to 27kg down the ladder facing you, keeping both your hands free to climb down safely.

Will The Two Storey Fire Escape Ladder Fit My Window?

With a total length of 4.5 metres, the fire escape ladder is suitable for most 2-storey properties, so ensure the bottom step will be close enough to the bottom for a safe dismount to avoid injury.

The window you intend to escape from needs to be fully open, with a minimum width of 315mm and the window sill requires a maximum depth of 250mm. Despite its lightweight design, the fire escape ladder has a maximum load of 350kg, allowing a maximum of three people to use the ladder at the same time.

Suitable for domestic use

No fixing required - will hook around window sill/ledge

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