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500ml Lith-Ex Fire Extinguisher

500ml Lith-Ex Fire Extinguisher

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Ideal for use in vehicles, and with a compact design which means it can fit into a small space, the 1 litre foam fire extinguisher allows you to tackle a small fire before it escalates and spreads. CE Marked and with a 5A 21B fire rating, this will tackle general solid material fires and those involving flammable liquids, so is perfect for around the home or in your car.

Supplied with wall bracket, the A

The Lith-Ex 500ml fire extinguisher is the World’s first fire extinguisher specifically designed for use on lithium-ion battery fires commonly used in mobile phones, tablets, laptops, drones, toys, power tools and electric scooters. Compact and lightweight, the extinguisher is manufactured in Great Britain and is supplied with a handy slimline wall bracket.

Using a non-toxic and revolutionary extinguishing agent, AVD (Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion) is deployed as a mist which then creates a film over the surface which instantly dries to create an oxygen barrier, cools and prevents re-ignition. This Lith-Ex fire extinguisher is the only one which is safe to use on a lithium-ion battery up to 62Wh and works even where a powder can’t.

Perfect for homes, hotels, vehicles, aviation, marine, and leisure facilities, the extinguisher can be used on Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc) fires and is safe to use on live electrical equipment up to 35kV.

At present there is no standard for extinguishing Lithium batteries, however, the Lith-Ex fire extinguisher is manufactured in accordance with BS 6165:2002 for aerosol extinguishers with a three-year lifespan.

FFF smothers the flames of oxygen to extinguisher the fire, has a cooling effect to prevent re-ignition and is part of the PowerX range from Thomas Glover.

Suitable for cars and vans.

Types of fire include Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc), B (flammable liquids) but DO NOT use near live electrical equipment.

Anticipated lifespan with indoor use and proper maintenance - over 5 years.

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