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100g Micro Automatic Extinguisher - In-Cabinet

100g Micro Automatic Extinguisher - In-Cabinet

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The 100g micro automatic fire extinguisher is perfect for small and enclosed spaces, such as electrical cabinets and appliances, to quickly tackle a fire in its early stages before it escalates. Fitted within the unit, this is the smallest suppression system around, and requires no human interaction as it detects, actuates and suppresses a fire automatically. With an intuitive design, this should be installed to the inner wall of the micro-environment.

The mini automatic fire extinguisher is filled with Fluoroketone (FK-5-1-12) which is perfect for sensitive equipment as it absorbs the heat from the fire without leaving harmful or corrosive residue. This means the extinguisher causes no collateral damage, and that you will hopefully be able to recover any important data from computer equipment. It is suitable for electrically-started fires, as well as Class A, B and C fires.

With a coverage volume of 0.13 m3, the quartzoid bulb breaks at temperatures of 57°C to automatically activate and has a compact and lightweight design. The intuitive 100g mini automatic extinguisher is supplied with a mounting bracket so this can easily be secured into position. They are also fitted with a pressure gauge so you can easily check whether your micro automatic fire extinguisher is still in good working order.

Suitable for micro-environments, such as electrical boxes, appliances and high-value computer equipment.

Types of fire include Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc), B (flammable liquids), C (flammable gas) and safe around live electrical equipment

Anticipated lifespan is 5 years

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