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4 Zone Fire Alarm Kit

4 Zone Fire Alarm Kit

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4 zone kit

The 4 Zone Fire Alarm Kit contains a control panel to which everything is connected, splitting it into a maximum of 4 zones. This kit is the perfect starting point for your conventional fire alarm system.

Supplied with the C-tec fire alarm panel, you can control the entire system from one easy-to-use unit. Plus with 2 backup batteries, you can ensure your system works even during a power cut. It also comes with a heat detector, 4 optical smoke detectors, and 5 bases. This will give your system complete coverage. 2 sounders will alert everyone when the alarm does go off, and the 2 call points give ample opportunity for someone to set it off should they find a fire themselves.

This package doesn’t come with cables or cable fixings as many installers will have their own. However, we do also supply them should you need them. 

We offer 2 options for the kit, one with C-Tec ActiV detectors and one with Apollo series 65 detectors, simply select the option you require from the drop-down box. 

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