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4kg Clean Gas Fire Extinguisher

4kg Clean Gas Fire Extinguisher

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Suitable to have nearby small to medium server cupboards and data storage areas, the 4kg clean gas fire extinguisher leaves absolutely no residue and is ideal for any fire involving sensitive electronic equipment. Effective for use on Class B and electrical fires, its design ensures no additional damage is caused, preventing further data loss. These extinguishers – also known as Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers - are commonly used for computer rooms, as well as in telecoms and aviation industries.

Each clean gas fire extinguisher is filled with Fluoroketone (FK-5-1-12), which is stored as a liquid under pressure within the canister and then turns to gas once discharged, similar to a CO2 extinguisher. A modern alternative to the halon extinguisher, it’s environmentally friendly and causes zero ozone depletion, extinguishing a fire by cooling and smothering the flames.

Even able to penetrate through the finest grills and mesh, it allows you to stay on the safe side of a door while you tackle a fire on the other side. Lightweight and easy to operate, the Ceasefire 4kg clean gas fire extinguisher has a 34B fire rating, is CE Marked and BS EN 3 approved.

Suitable for all premises with live electrical equipment, computers, servers, machinery, small flammable liquid fires, as well as industries including aviation and telecoms.

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