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3 Litre Wet Chemical Extinguisher

3 Litre Wet Chemical Extinguisher

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Our 3 litre wet chemical extinguisher is actually a Multi-Use Foam extinguisher which is safe to use on many types of fire, including Class F. Designed primarily to tackle fires involving deep fat fryers, so is perfect for kitchens, cafes, restaurants, and mobile catering units. The only type of fire extinguisher safe to use on Class F fires, it creates a soapy film on the surface of the substance to smother flames and has a cooling effect to prevent re-ignition.

Kitemarked to BS EN3, CE Marked, and with MED approval, the PowerX 3 litre mutli-use foam fire extinguisher has been designed, developed and tested in the UK. Suitable for Class F and Class A fires, it’s also been specifically cleared for use on Class B fires unlike most others, and is safe if inadvertently sprayed on live electrical equipment. With an impressive 13A 70B 40F fire rating from just a small unit, it features a hose to provide a safe operating distance capable of spraying the contents 2 meters away.

Suitable for deep fat fires in kitchens.

Types of fire Class F (cooking oils and fat), Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc), and Class B (flammable liquids).  Tested to 35kV, meaning it’s safe if inadvertently used on live electrical equipment.

Anticipated lifespan with indoor use and proper maintenance - 10 years.

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