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6kg Clean Gas Fire Extinguisher

6kg Clean Gas Fire Extinguisher

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Safe to use of sensitive equipment, the 6kg clean gas fire extinguisher leaves no residue, meaning no clean-up or collateral damage, and making it possible to save important data. The perfect choice for offices with servers and data storage, it is effective for use on Class B and electrical fires and is used within aviation and telecom industries.

The clean agent fire extinguisher contains Fluoroketone (FK-5-1-12) which is stored within the canister as a liquid, but then changes into a gas when discharged, much in the same way as a CO2 fire extinguisher. Cooling and smothering the flames, its eco-friendly with zero ozone depletion, proving to be a modern and safe alternative to the halon fire extinguisher which is now banned in the UK.

As it’s a gas, the suppressant is able to penetrate through small gaps such as grills and mesh, which may enable you to tackle a fire in a server cupboard, without opening the door and exacerbating the flames. With its lightweight design making this easy to use, the 6kg clean agent fire extinguisher from Ceasefire has a 34B fire rating, is CE Marked and has BS EN 3 approval.

Suitable for all premises with live electrical equipment, computers, servers, machinery, small flammable liquid fires, as well as industries including aviation and telecoms.

Types of fire include Class B (flammable liquids) and fires involving live electrical equipment.

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