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Emergency Exit Light Box - Sleek

Emergency Exit Light Box - Sleek

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With our sleek emergency exit light box, it is easy to display the route of you fire exit route so anyone can easily find their way to safety in the event of an evacuation, even during a power outage. With a low-profile design, this can be wall mounted above fire doors and emergency exits and includes a backup battery to provide three hours of light even when the power goes off.

The fire exit light box uses 3.2W LED lights that use less power making your power bills that little bit lower. As standard, the LED fire exit light box is maintained which means it is designed to be lit continuously even in the event of a power failure, however, the light can be changed to non-maintained if you wish.

Supplied with an Up arrow as standard, optional legends are available for different directions for left, right and down arrows. The have a viewing distance of 30 metres to ensure they’re easy to spot.

Emergency lighting reduces the panic caused by a fire by allowing people to find the escape routes quickly and clearly, this LED fire exit light box is specifically designed to be placed over your emergency exit or doors along the route to highlight them.

IP20 Rated, the illuminated fire exit sign is suitable for 230V installations and are supplied with the advanced LiFeP04 battery technology which ensures a longer and more reliable service life.

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